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Offer your collaborators a grandiose setting, on the occasion of a company seminar, near Gap and Embrun. We propose you to discover the natural wealth of the Alpes de Hautes Provence via a wide range of mountain sports. Leave in total immersion on multiple unusual activities made for team building! White water sports: hydrospeed, canoeing, kayaking... But also: orienteering in the mountains, electric mountain bike, adventure park... So many activities starting from the same point: our leisure base! Let us organize your customized seminar! We are located between Barcelonnette and Le Lauzet, near the famous Serre Ponçon Lake.


The objectives of a sports seminar in the mountains can be varied... To weld your team around new challenges, to encourage the exchange between your collaborators, to allow your team to get to know each other in a different setting than the office or even simply to decompress around sports activities...  

Whatever the case, your requirements are the same. Professionalism, friendliness, availability... And that we lead you to surpass yourselves and support each other.

Outdoor sports have been our specialty for 25 years now. Whatever your level, we will know how to direct you towards the activity most adapted to the pleasure and the ambitions of each one.


Want to come for a day, a weekend, or even a complete stay? Consult our agency to know our all-inclusive packages, our accommodation facilities and our shuttle solutions. We set up for you, a 100% customized product. Ask for your detailed quote, available within 24 hours.



It is without a doubt the white water sport requiring the most cohesion and mutual aid. These boats are designed for 3 to 8 people and are led by a professional guide. Your guide will designate a leader on the port side and one on the starboard side...

The crews on each side will have to paddle in sync with their collaborator, who will become a crew leader for the duration of a descent on the Ubaye! And if a member of your crew should fall into the water, it will be up to each of you to help him/her to get back up...



Once equipped with neoprene wetsuits and in teams of two, embark on one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. The canoe-raft are two-seater boats, inflatable, stable and easy to handle. On board, one of the employees will be the engine, the other the rudder.

And why not set up speed challenges? We'll have everyone go side by side at the same time... Which of your employees will be the first to cross the shark's tooth rapid? 



There is nothing better than an afternoon in a natural and wild context, to relax and have fun with colleagues! An unusual activity in the treetops has the advantage of pushing you to go beyond your fears and your limits...

Together, motivate each other to reach your goal and finish the whole course, without leaving anyone behind! 



Our orienteering race takes place just a few steps away from the Mercantour National Park. The emphasis is on the cohesion and the competitive spirit between the participants. Your goal is to find the most hidden markers in the mountain in less time than your rival team.

Challenge your colleagues to work together and make quick decisions as a team, in a setting other than the office!



The canyoning consists in going down a canyon, going from a point A to a point B while surpassing the obstacles which you will cross along the road... Abseiling under waterfalls, roped slides, crossing of basins...

A bit like an analogy of office life, overcome together the obstacles on your way, surpass yourself and motivate your colleagues to do the same... 


Electric bike mountain : 

Discover splendid landscapes, on different types of terrain, in the forest, in the mountain pastures, along the river, in the mountains.... And without too much effort, thanks to the electric assistance of our mountain bikes.

The most beautiful mountain scenery is now within everyone's reach. Bring a green meeting dimension to your seminar by discovering our territories on electrically assisted mountain bikes! Our mountain bikes are recent, of prestigious brands (Giant and Lapierre) and have a large autonomy, enough to last a day.



Multi-activity formulas & quote
These activities are all starting from the same point; the Rapid'Eau Raft base. All these activities can be combined, with advantageous packagesconsult us for your estimate, established under 24H.


We are able to adapt to the needs of your company. It is possible to realize several activities on the same day, we will be pleased to bring you a detailed advice taking into account all the characteristics and criteria of your group.


A comfortable home base

Our home base offers comfort and privacy that will be appreciated by your team. You will find on site: changing room, hot showers and sauna to relax after the activities.

Snack bar and refreshment stand for you to eat. Ask for our generous grilled meal and local products, prepared on site by our chef.

Free access to activities such as slack-line to work on your balance and proprioception, Möllky games, an artificial lake...


Between two sports activities, we can offer your team various challenges to improve team cohesion. Such as a balance challenge on paddles. This is a relay race on paddles where each team will have to cross the water as fast as possible via paddles and pass on the relay between colleagues.

Need to relax around a simple and effective game, where everyone already knows the rules? Take advantage of our professional bowling alley and the petanque games that we put at your disposal free of charge.



Accommodation during your seminar

Concerning the accommodation, we can assist you in the organization of your seminar.
We can put at your disposal our accommodations, we have a nice chalet, located in a natural setting near the river, which can accommodate up to 6 people. As well as two bungalows, located in the immediate vicinity of the chalet, each of them can accommodate up to 4 people. Possibility of setting up half-board and full-board, based on a generous and qualitative local cuisine. Please consult us to establish your estimate.

We can also advise you on various high end hotels in the valley that will meet the needs of your seminar.


The Marmotel hotel, with 96 rooms, is located in Pra Loup, a ski resort in the valley. This hotel offers an incomparable view on the mountains and welcomes you in a warm and modern atmosphere. To allow your seminar to take place in the best conditions, this hotel has two modular meeting rooms. A meeting room of 80m² that can accommodate 40 to 70 people and a meeting room of 40 m² that can accommodate 20 to 30 people. This establishment has a restaurant that can serve your group breakfasts, as well as a bar.  This hotel is located 25 minutes by car from our base.


The Azteca hotel, with 29 rooms, is located near the center of Barcelonnette. This real "Mexican" villa puts forward art and creation. A place full of history, in the heart of the Alps of Haute Provence. Ideal for seminars, this hotel has a large modular meeting room that can accommodate 45 to 75 people. Your group will be able to take advantage of the continental breakfast buffet provided in their restaurant room. Possibility also of room service until 20:30. This establishment is located 10 minutes by car from our base. An establishment that will meet all the needs of your company

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