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People having fun on a raft

What is rafting ?


Rafting  comes to us initially from the territories of the Great American West and means the action of crossing or descending a river in a raft.

First of all attached to the utilitarian practices of trappers or explorers to go down rivers and rapids .

It became a recreational activity , the first traces of which were found in 1934 in the United States and arrived in France in the 1980s, to experience the first commercial services in 1984.

A raft is an  unsinkable, self-emptying, paddle-operated boat led by a qualified guide . Both playful and sporty, it allows a great moment of conviviality!

Whether you are an experienced athlete looking for thrills, a family wishing to share a moment of conviviality, or whether you want to introduce your toddler to navigation...

Ubaye will meet all your expectations, our experienced guides will lead you on the route  that suits you best!

From discovery to the extreme: discover the three courses of the Ubaye river


Enjoy the joys of family sailing, from 3 years old! The course is safe for the youngest and is a real adventure for the whole family! Everyone will enjoy themselves, memories guaranteed!

Route from Les Thuiles to La Fresquière - About 1h30 of navigation

See the river map


This course is quite simply the flagship course of the Ubaye! It is a sequence of rapids all unique in their kind. You will also pass through the Lauzet gorges, under the old Roman bridges.

Course from Le Martinet to Le Lauzet - About 1h30 of navigation

See the river map


Dare the sport course: "the former impassables from the top". This is a fantastic and formidable course, where every paddle stroke must be skillfully executed! Accessible only for a second experience, 16 years old minimum and for seasoned athletes!

Route from La Fresquière to Le Lauzet  - About 1h30 of navigation

See the river map


To climb crescendo in difficulty, you will start with the mythical course of Le Martinet up to Le Lauzet. And continue directly on the sports course "the impassable exes from the top" from La Fresquière to Lauzet.

About 2h30 of navigation

Portrait of Hervé, Raft Guide at Rapid'Eau

Équipement néoprène intégral & EPI prêtés

We welcome you every day, by reservation, in spring and summer to introduce you to rafting in Méolans revel, between Barcelonnette and Lauzet Ubaye, in the Alpes de Hautes Provence.

Our Prices

Programs & Courses Duration of activity*                  Prices
Rafting adult rate (Family or Mythical Course) 2h30 48 €
Rafting child rate -12 years old (Family or Mythical Course) 2h30 42 €
Rafting Sport (Advanced course) 16 years old min 2h30 55 €
Intégral Raft (Mythical Course + Advanced Courst) 3h30 90 €
  ♦  "Raft Family" Pack 2 adults + 2 children  (max 12 years old) 2h30 165 €
Adventure Pack  : A rafting descent and an entrance toAventura Park 1 Day 75 €
Sport Cocktail Day  : Rafting in the morning and a white water sport** of your choice in the afternoon 1 Day 90 €

*Total duration of the activity including equipment, shuttle and navigation.

**White water sports of your choice:  Rafting, Hydrospeed, Canoe-Raft & Kayak-Raft.


These prices include:


•  Professional supervision specific  to the water level and the activity    •

 •  Shuttles  with pick-up from our base •

 •  Full professional equipment    •

 •    Hot showers & sauna  on return •

 All you need to bring is a towel, a bathing suit and your best photogenic smile...


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