Orienteering in Ubaye, near to national park of Mercantour


Looking for ideas for a walk? Want to know, once and for all, who in your group has the best sense of direction? Difficulties to motivate children to go for a walk?


Let yourself be tempted by our orienteering. Go with the help of a map and a compass, in search of beacons located here and there in the mountains, and discover, along the way, a story...

Located near the Mercantour National Park, enjoy this natural moment, in a sumptuous mountain setting, along rivers and through forests.



We will provide you a plasticized map at 1 : 25 000 as well as cards to perforate along the course with the beacons.

Four courses with a various level of difficulty : 

  • The green one with 5 beacons - approximate duration 1h30.
  • The blue one with 9 beacons - approximate duration 2h15.
  • The red one with 12 beacons - approximate duration 3h00.
  • The black one with 15 beacons - approximate duration 3h30.

If you want you can do this orienteering against time, to defeat previous records or take your time... all depends on your desires! 

Those new activities are available, you can also return to the reception to discover our rafting,  kayak-raft,  canoe-raft and hydrospeed activities: whitewater swimming, canyoning,  electric mountain biking,  orienteering and adventure park Aventura Park

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